Post Production Update - #energythefilm

12 October 20

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Post Production Update - Energy #Documentary

Hi to all our wonderful supporters!

Just a mini update to say thanks so much to everyone for the support and patience.


Currently the project is having subtitles created by Nick Shimmin in Australia !

We are creating  a new fresh trailer from the final cut !

And the sound mix will be in progress very soon!



Jono Podmore  - Editor of Jaki Liebezeit: The Life, Theory and Practice of a Master Drummer 


has kindly donated us some really wonderful images from his book .

With time we have gathered some really wonderful archive/visuals/animation.



Going through all admin now to clear all the rights for music and photos in the documentary !


Thanks again to everyone involved!

We got this!  


*** Stay safe everyone! ***






Post Production Updates/London Photos

07 March 20

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Damo Suzuki & Elke Morsbach.

Thanks again for the support . Damo and I discussed the current structure  of the documentary and we are getting closer to the goal of completion. 

Here are a few photos from London









Post Production Updates : New Introduction and Narration

23 February 20

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Post Production Updates : New Introduction and Narration


Hey everyone!

Hope Sunday is all good for you!

I sent the rough draft out to various people for feedback!

After useful feedback and certainly from

Massive shout out to Susan - Edit Consultant!

and Mark McMullen, Michael Schmidt, Anthony Smith , Paul Woods , Nick Shimmin, Benedict Lawrence and Ned Netherwood.

Thanks for taking time to watch the full two hours of our first draft!!!!

I now have a new intro and have collaborated with 

Caterina Y. Sforza


Caterina I would like to say thanks so much for the narration . It really introduces the music scene well!

Also big thanks to :

Meagan Panici of WZRD Chicago 88.3FM

I love the interview and voice over with Damo in our final cut!

Also shout out to Subtropical Asia for some cool archive also!

And huge thanks to Gerald Jenkins for the use of some really amazing photography!

Things are coming together!

Thanks again for the patience!


Also massive thanks to -

Nick Shimmin who is doing the subtitles in English for us!

Watch on Vimeo


Damo Suzuki Celebrates 70th Birthday in Cologne, Jan 2020

25 January 20

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Damo Suzuki Celebrates 70th Birthday in Cologne, Jan 2020


Damo Suzuki , 70th Birthday Party 2020

(Photo by Axel Schäfer)



Best wishes Damo!


animation blog





ARCHIVE NEWS/PR Regarding the Documentary: Currently in post production.

— The Quietus (@theQuietus) May 1, 2018


Animation Update

25 November 19

Posted at 9:48

Animation Complete!
We are so pleased to have a really beautiful piece of animation in the documentary . Thanks so much Juan . I am very grateful that Damo connected us! 
animation blog
Hi! My name is Juan Barabani.

I was very lucky to create the animation sequence for this amazing movie.
I found  Damo´s music through a friend of mine Cristian, he put some Can records on while we were at work in a very sad office. With this music we did escape from there to another surreal world.
animation blog
From then my perspective to music changed forever. This friend and I started playing music together and made a band named NUEZ. We improvised and recorded every session and this opened a new horizon for me. Then I start playing music with many people, and started another band called PAN with my lovely partner Victoria.
My partner and I play live a lot in Buenos Aires and met so many  people that play “experimental“ music. One of these guys, Maximo, brings Damo to Cordoba (Argentina) and invited us to be part of the network to play with Damo Suzuki. We just couldnt believe it! We exploded with happiness.
animation blog
I was also  asked to make the poster of the gig... Double happy!! I met him there. We played together, and the energy made us float until today. We don't talk too much with him, only we look each other in the eyes and everything was there...

One day I received a message from Michelle (the director of Energy) , and she told me that the poster I had created is featured in the book  "I am Damo Suzuki" by Paul Woods. Damo wanted to send me a book. She told me too about her movie about Damo and I don't know why I offered to her my skills of animator for the movie... even not knowing how to make the animation on my own... but she loved the idea and said that she had a dream sequence from Damo about a time he was in hospital. She is very generous person. And from there I tried to discover how to make the animation in  my own way... and  it was a very fun and mad process, but very magical seeing it from here.

Thanks Michelle, thanks Damo!
E N E R G Y !


I am posting  this update  for everyone that supported by purchasing the DVD and Blu - Ray . There is a delay and in the meanwhile I hope you can forgive the delay .

I will send you protected password footage of a live song and deleted scenes .

 I will keep sending regular updates on the edit  progression for you also .Thanks so much for your patience

Michelle Heighway

****We will be sending out links soon for the unseen live gig footage for you to view !
We will let you know when we finally  have a release date for  the documentary. 
Thanks again for the support !


Post Production Update (Indiegogo Campaign Update)

16 November 19

Posted at 9:41

Energy : A Documentary about Damo Suzuki - Update


Hi everyone ,

Thanks so much for the patience and the support during this campaign. You have  helped me massively to complete this beautiful story .

Energy , Damo Suzuki - Feature Documentary - Hebden bridge Trades Club


I am almost there with the edit .

It is currently 2 hours and I need to trim it here and there.  It has been a wonderful journey.

Damo Suzuki - Press Shot Image

I also must clear all archive footage used and have it approved before releasing the DVD/Blu-ray. 

Also I need to sort subtitles .

I understand all festivals only accept the film if it is a premiere, which means not yet released.

I am posting  this update for everyone that supported by purchasing the DVD and Blu - Ray . There is a delay and in the meanwhile I hope you can forgive the delay .

I will send you protected password footage of a live song and deleted scenes .

 I will keep sending regular updates on the edit  progression for you also .

Thanks so much for your patience

Michelle Heighway

I’d like to thank Juan for his recent animated dream sequence piece .
And all the sound carriers I met along the way. 

Also big shout out to Matt Corti for his awesome archive .
And to Chrome Dreams/Arnold for some cool archive photos .

Also big shout out to Sandra Podmore of Spoon records for kindly sending me awesome archive photos and CAN archive footage to select!

Thanks also to Andrew McKee for all the editing he has helped me with.



Ps Damo is also happy with the progress ! Which is a massive boost of energy. 

Big thanks also to Michael Schmidt and Benedict Lawrence for checking my edits ! !

Big thanks to every one that is receiving this update! I could not of done this without you and can not wait to share the documentary with you all!

Archive photo - Michelle Heighway /Damo Suzuki








Damo Suzuki @ Mexico - May 18 2019. Photos by David Barajas

30 May 19

Posted at 9:21

Damo Suzuki @ Mexico - May 18 2019. Photos by David Barajas

Check out  Damo on his tour below in Mexico!

Mexico City – Festival Marvin


Photo by David Barajas


Massive crowd! 

Photo by David Barajas


Back stage with Damo Suzuki

Photos by David Barajas


Photo by David Barajas


Photo by David Barajas




Damo Posters - Contact Details!

25 February 19

Posted at 3:20

Hi! Damo Suzuki is looking for the contact addresses of following artists who made Damo's concert posters!!! -

Olya Dyer 

Juan Barabani A.K.A. Rotenapels 

Dominic Thackray

Keith Marks

Mason Jones

Kevin McCabe


Please can you contact Damo here @

Many thanks ENERGY





I am Damo Suzuki - Book Launch - 28 March 2019

23 January 19

Posted at 4:39

I Am Damo Suzuki

By Damo Suzuki and Paul Woods

Release Date :  28th March 2019

Omnibus Press

Pre-order HERE

ISBN: 9781783059713   


Book reading tour announced

Live dates added

Damo Suzuki has been described as a 'free music legend' who first came to prominence as lead singer of the visionary German group Can. Published by Omnibus Press on March 28th, I Am Damo Suzuki by Damo Suzuki and Paul Woods tells Damo’s story from Japan to Germany and everything in between in Damo’s own words. Complemented by interviews with family, friends and collaborators, the book spans six decades of pop culture.


Damo Suzuki was born Kenji Suzuki in the outskirts of Tokyo in 1950. Leaving home one day after his 18th birthday to travel to Europe, Damo recently told Mojo magazine that his original plan was “to become a cartoonist, someone who draws comics”. Arriving in Sweden, he busked around Europe and earned money as a pavement artist, before settling in Munich in 1970 to appear in the musical Hair for 3 months. It was here that someone first recognised he had musical talent, and it was at the end of this time that he (by chance) met the members of Can, an event that set his life on a different trajectory.


Now a permanent resident of Cologne, whose business card reads ‘metaphysical transporter’, Damo explains his motivation to record his life now:  “The main point of this whole book is my philosophy and dreams. My time here is becoming less and less. In a way I am strong. I survived major surgery, I’ve lived as a young adult in a foreign country (where) many times I wasn’t supported by any kind of institution, but I survived. I have found the strongest way to seek truth now.”


Co-written with author Paul Woods, whose previous titles include The Curious Life and Work of Scott Walker (Omnibus Press) and who regularly writes on subjects including pop culture and criminal history, I Am Damo Suzuki is an honest and often startling odyssey that tells the full tale of a musical enigma.


Hear Damo Suzuki in conversation ( here:


Monday 25th                     Rough Trade East, London E1 6QL

Tuesday 26th                     Rough Trade, Nottingham NG1 3AJ

Thursday 28th                   Rough Trade, Bristol BS1 2QD


Damo will play the following live dates:


Sunday 17th                       The Lexington London

Tuesday 19th                     The Hare and Hounds,Birmingham

Thursday 21st                    Jericho, Oxford

Saturday 23rd                    St Mary’s Music Hall, Walthamstow, London

Sunday 24th                       The Windmill, Brixton, London

Friday 29th                         The Socialist Club, Dewsbury

Saturday 30th                    The Continental, Preston


Saturday 5th                      The Laugharne Weekend, Langharne, Wales


All ticket info:



When the anarchic vocalist of Can left the celebrated German band in late 1973, the ensuing decade-long absence was taken by many to be the end of his personal story. But it was just the beginning. In I Am Damo Suzuki, Kenji Damo Suzuki and co-author Paul Woods illuminate a life in music driven by the principle of randomness. The book spans the influence of western music on Suzuki growing up in post-WWII Japan, his rejection of national traditions and a lifelong journey of exploration. After his hippie-influenced beginnings as a provocative street musician, Suzuki s story took an unlikely turn after a chance recruitment into Can, one of the most innovative bands of the seventies. A stint of family life and the role of Japanese salaryman preceded his return to the music world with The Damo Suzuki Band and later with Damo Suzuki s Network, an international vehicle for musical communication using sound instead of words. With contributions from family members, lifelong friends, musical collaborators and Damo s long-term partner, I Am Damo Suzuki is an absorbing portrait of a musical catalyst and enigmatic icon.